Zinc is one of the eight basic metals. Its alloy is brass.

Zinc in Allomancy[edit | edit source]

In allomancy, zinc gives the ability to intensify the emotions of others, an ability called "rioting". It is the external mental pulling metal; its complement is brass, the external mental pushing metal.[1] A Misting who can use only zinc is called a Rioter.

When burning zinc, an allomancer can target the emotions of a group of people or focus on only one. They choose one emotion or a group of emotions and riot those emotions. The net effect is the same as soothing the opposite emotion.

Like Soothers, Rioters are often mistrusted by those who know about their power. However, neither Rioters nor Soothers can force anyone to do anything or control their mind.

Zinc in Feruchemy[edit | edit source]

In feruchemy, zinc can be used to store mental acuity. The feruchemist can chose to spend time pouring mental clarity and speed of thought into a zinc metal mind. In exchange, the metal mind can be tapped later to gain increased mental power.

Sazed spent the last days of the Siege of Luthadel storing up attributes in a variety of metal minds, in preparation for the upcoming battle. As a result, he had to concentrate very hard to perform even the simplest of tasks, such as eating. Carrying on a conversation was slow and cumbersome, since he had a very hard time following a train of thought. It is not clear if storing mental acuity is always this difficult, or if Sazed was storing up the attribute especially quickly because of the extreme circumstances.[2]

Zinc in Hemalurgy[edit | edit source]

Zinc grants a hemalurgist emotional fortitude.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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