Wellen is a character who appeared in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series. He served in Cett's army before he was conscripted into Elend's.

Well of AscensionEdit

Wellen was one of the thousand soldiers and personnel Cett brought into Luthadel when Cett took up residence in Keep Hasting. Guarding the perimeter against any attacks from Elend's forces, he did not relish "mist duty" at night. One night, after Cett's failed attempt at taking the throne through legality, Wellen noticed movement in the mist. Suddenly, a barrage of coins shot out of the shifting patterns and killed a regiment of forty, save Wellen, the only survivor. He watched two shadows- Zane and Vin- glide over him into the keep.

Hero of AgesEdit

Following Cett's surrender to Vin and pledge to Elend, Wellen was assigned guard duty to Keep Venture as the reigning emperor was traveling the Final Empire to seek out the storage caverns that the Lord Ruler had left behind. He and his fellow watchman, Rittle, were to watch for any tresspassers. One night, Wellen saw movements in the mist, and he thought he would be attacked again, but instead, a hooded man simply stepped out of the mists. Rittle suddenly dropped to his knees and clutched at a silver spear he wore as pendant around his neck. Wellen recognized the scars on his arms and thought the man to be Kelsier, Survivor of Hathsin. Wellen was suspicious when Kelsier, a supposed God returned from the dead, did not know where his "heir" was. Wellen told the Survivor that he believed Ferson Penrod to be mad, and Kelsier suggested that the guards lead a mass exodus to somewhere underground. Wellen asked if he meant the caves in which the rebel skaa army had been trained, and the Survivor said that it would suffice.

Wellen, however, never made it to those caves, and instead settle his people at the Pits of Hathsin, which the Terris people had colonized. Wellen was brought before Elend by General Demoux and relayed his encounter with Kelsier. It is unknown if Wellen survived the koloss attack.

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