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“What are you up to, Wayne?”

“One seventy, thank you,” Wayne said under his breath. “I’ve been lifting weights and eating steak. ”-Wayne and Waxillium in Alloy of Law


Wayne is a character from the Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning and an old friend of Waxillium Ladrian. He is a Bloodmaker and a Slider, meaning he can burn Bendalloy. Burning Bendalloy means he can create a small bubble around himself and a few others that has time going faster than outside the bubble. If the bubble is shot at, any bullets that get inside will change direction and move off course. One of his best talents, however, is that, upon hearing somebody's voice, he can imitate them flawlessly, and he can even mix accents for an amazing effect, which fools almost anyone. He likes hats, likes to drink and if he sees something he wants, he will "exchange" it for something of his own, often worth less than its actual value. This habit effectively classifies him as a thief. An example of this is when he once traded a bullet for a cobblestone.

Wax found him when he shot a bookkeeper in the Roughs. He was 16 and had been urged by his friends to do something more than rob people. He gives most of the money he makes to the family of the bookkeeper.

He was feeling pretty good about this accent. It was a mixture of seventh-son lord and foreman of an ironworks, with just a hint of canal captain. Speaking with it felt like he’d stuffed cotton in half of his mouth and had borrowed the voice from an angry dog. People thought Wayne imitated accents. He didn’t. He outright stole them. They were the only things he was still allowed to steal seeing as to how he’d turned to doing good with his life and stuff like that. -Wayne

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