Mistborn Wiki

About me[]

Hey guys, I'm Murtagh4, an avid editor who has taken it upon himself to bring out the greatness in this wiki.  I'm also the leader and admin on this wiki, so I, along with a select few other, am the last word as to any issue involving this wiki.  If you have any questions, ask on my talk page, and expect an answer promptly.

This is not the first wiki I have been a large member off, I have edits on many of the gaming, anime or book wikis. You may have noticed that my name is a character from Eragon. Eragon is another one of my favorite book series. The difference is Eragon wiki has tons of editors, so I'm helping this, smaller, more modest wiki.


My contributions[]

My favorite pages[]

  • Spook the first page I wrote here
  • Steel Ministry, the first page on the wiki to have pictures. 
  • Allomancy, the longest and most helpful page. I did not write this page
  • Vin, a page I did most of the writing on...