Urteau is the second largest city in the series, just behind Luthadel

History of Urteau Edit

During the rule of the Lord Ruler, Urteau was controlled by the Venture family, and was overseen by Straff Venture.  The Ventures resided in Keep Venture in Luthadel, so they do not often visit Urteau, and control of it went largely to the obligators around the city. 

After the Lord Ruler's fall, a bloody revolution took place, slaughtering any nobles, allomancers, or anyone who was suspected of helping the nobility. Afterwards, a dictatorship took over Urteau, which was controlled by the Citizen. Though he kept it secret, the Citizen was a noble, and his sister was an Allomancer, two things he greatly despised.

He also captured and blackmailed other Allomancers, forcing them to join his government. This allowed him to use Allomancy as a secret weapon against his enemies.

The religion of this area was primarily the Church of the Survivor. Some worshippers of this faith killed in the name of Kelsier. The murder of nobles and allomancers in Kelsier's name is contrary to Kelsier's personal beliefs because Kelsier eventually forgave the nobles and was a powerful Mistborn.

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