A Twinborn is a new type of Allomancer/Feruchemist in The Alloy of Law. A Twinborn can use one of the Allomantic metals for allomancy, and one for Feruchemy.

It should be noted that the metals a Twinborn uses for Allomancy and Feruchemy do not have to be the same. If however, a Twinborn shares a single metal with both Allomancy and Feruchemy, its power is dramatically increased. For example, Miles Hundredlives from The Alloy of Law is a "Bloodmaker". Bloodmakers use gold, which Allomantically isn't very effective, while Feruchemically is for healing yourself. However, when you are able to both burn as well as store gold in a metalmind as Miles can, you can heal extremely fast. Having a shared metal also allows you to compound the Feruchemical power by burning its metalmind, releasing the charge (in this instance, healing ability) tenfold.

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