Tin is used in all forms of the metal arts and is one of the original 8 basic metals the Lord Ruler preached. It is

also one of the slowest burning metals.

  • In Allomancy Tin heightens the senses to super human abilities. A user is able to, according to Spook, a notable Tineye, be able to tell the type of wood a floor is made out of just by its smell, although this might only apply to Allomantic Savants
  • In Feruchemy Tin stores sensory power, being able to store up a sense so that it is weakened for a period of time, then strengthened for a period of time. For example, it can allow a Feruchemist to increase his sense of smell to that of a wolf etc. Feruchemy, however, does not allow the user to see in the dark when increasing sight. Each sense has to have a seperate tinmind, i.e., one for sight, one for smell, one for hearing, etc.
  • In Hemalurgy Tin steals human senses, not quite doubling the power of a spike wie
    lder's senses.

A Misting of Tin is often referred to as a Tineye, and a Tin Ferring will often be called a Windwhisperer.

Notable Tineyes - Spook, Mare, and Straff Venture.

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