The Final Empire is the name for the empire created by the Lord Ruler. The name Final Empire was meant to imply that there would be no empires after it because it would be eternal. The Final Empire is acknowledged by Rashek to not function well, since he is forced to rise up every hundred years or so to crush another rebellion against it. The Final Empire ultimately ends with the death of Rashek, the Lord Ruler, almost 1000 years exactly after it was created. It is replaced with a representative monarchy led by Elend Venture.


The culture of the Final Empire is said to be influenced heavily by the Khelenni culture that Rashek comes from.


The religion of the Final Empire is a worship of the Lord Ruler as a deity. The Lord Ruler touched a sliver of the infinity at the well of ascension, causing him to become a god for a short period of time. This, combined with his abilities gained from the combination of Allomancy and Feruchemy make him appear quite god-like in nature. All other religions are squashed during the Lord Ruler's reign.

Class System:

The ordinary people are split into two groups: the Skaa and the Nobility.

  • The Skaa are the working people, slaves in this case.
  • The nobility are the 'slave owners'

The government officials are split into two divisions: the inquisitors and the obligators.

  • The inquisitors serve as the priests of the Lord Ruler's religion, as well as a special ops force meant to hunt down skaa allomancers.
  • The obligators serve various functions depending on which branch of the ministry they work in, including financing, taxation, and commerce.
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