Terris is the region lived in by the Terris people. Terris is in the mountains to the north of the Northern Dominance.

Terris Culture[edit | edit source]

The culture of the Terris People is very complicated. Most Terris men are castrated at birth and become Terrismen Stewards for the nobility. The women are used in the Lord Ruler's breeding program, so as to breed the genes for Feruchemy out of the Terris people. The reason for this is that the Lord Ruler feared that somebody else could be born who was both a Mistborn and a Feruchemist, allowing them to also live forever and have invulnerability. The Lord ruler then transformed twelve of his loyal terris friends into the first generation of kandra and proceeded to utilize a breeding program in an attempt to wipe Feruchemy out of the Terris peoples blood.

Synod[edit | edit source]

The Synod, or Keepers of Terris, are the only remaining Feruchemists other than the Lord Ruler and Steel Inquisitors. The Synod have one duty, to hold information in their copperminds until the Lord Ruler's fall. Each member had one focus, Sazed's being religion and Tindwyl's being biographies, however all of them are given everything so they can spread the information if even one survives to the Lord Rulers fall.

Most members are against having an influence in the country, and remain hidden and away from other rebels so they aren't discovered by the Lord Ruler. The Synod, other than Sazed, try not to affect the Final Empire in any way, shape or form, however Tindwyl eventually helps out also.

The Synod was killed by Steel Inquisitors under the influence of Ruin.

Terris Religion[edit | edit source]

The Terris religion is relatively simple. They believed in two opposing Gods, Preservation and Ruin. They also stated prophecies about a man to be known as the Hero of Ages. The Hero of Ages was to journey to the Well of Ascension and take the power of Preservation, using it to benefit the Terris people. However, Ruin, who was trapped in the Well, was able to use his powers to change all text and metalminds information on the prophecy, as a result tricking the "Hero" into releasing him. This eventually worked when Vin went to the Well.

The prophecies originally stated that a person would take the powers of Ruin and Preservation and become god. But Ruin warped these so much that it ended up being nothing like that. Kwaan, a Worldbringer who thought Alendi to be the Hero, noted how much it was changed.

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