Steel Inquisitors[edit source]


I have a questions. I read in the book that under the Lord Ruler, the Steel Inquisitors had 9 spikes. So they had 8 spikes for the normal allomantic abilities, and only one left. But they needed one more. One would be a feruchemical spike which granted the user healing abilities. And the other one would be an atium spike. In the book they burned it often, but how? But then, how could they burn Atium? They would have needed an Atium spike (xtremel expensive) and an mistborn (because atium mistings weren't discovered).

Somehow, the number of the spike just don't make sense. There should be 10. Do you have some ideas, or is it just an mistake by Brandon Sanderson?

Thanks, 14:50, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

A possibility could be that Brandon Sanderson forgot about the other spike. And as to you comment about the atium misting, they may have been discovered, not publicized though. Remember, the Lord Ruler knew about Yomen's allomancy powers: Those of an atium misting. The Lord Ruler knew of this at least two years before he died. --TrueKandra TK@ (talk) 13:24, July 18, 2010 (UTC)


Do you guys think that if theres steel inquisitors there can also be bronze inquisitors and iron inquisitors?

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