What does Rashek do for mankind?Edit

Rashek's dying words are "You don't know what I do for mankind." or something very similar.  Present tense, not past, and not future.  The kandra hide the atium from Ruin, Rashek used the power of the Well of Ascension, preventing Ruin's release, and intended to do so again once it was ready, again preventing its release.  His application of the Well's power is supposed to be what stopped the Mists/Deepness from destroying life.  And yet the book is quite clear (to the point of mentioning the tense specifically in the epilogue) that it's a present, ongoing action, that he was referring to.  Also, as I recall from Well of Ascension, the Mists start getting worse (lingering during the day) before Vin releases Ruin...though I suspect this may be along the lines of the Well of Ascension's cycle.  (As Preservation's power becomes increasingly concentrated in the Well, I suspect it also becomes more powerful in the Mist - I doubt the Well Rashek used was the first thousand years after Ruin was bound - none of the Mistborn magic systems allow prophetic foresight, so earlier cycles explain the existance of that prophecy (Ruin corrupted it, according to Kwaan)).  Does anyone know what Rashek was referring to?  Rashkavar (talk) 06:38, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

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