Allomancy & Feruchemy Power Source[edit source]

I was under the understanding that the synergy of allomancy and feruchemy only comes from stored metals. Such that burning pewter that has some of the allomancers own strength stored within via feruchemy would then multiply the strength unleashed while burning the metal in question. Is this correct? Or is that what the page details and I'm just misreading it? The Beholden 02:36, May 25, 2010 (UTC)

That's Correct. This is demonstrated by the Lord Ruler, when he burned his own metalminds to release extra power. This not only released tenfold the power, but it also created an entirely new metal. However, if an Allomancer or Feruchemist stole another Feruchemist's metalmind and then tried to use the power already stored in it, they would only feel a shadow in addition to their own power. This phenomenon was demonstrated in Mistborn when Sazed gave Vin a small metalmind to burn to see if she would gain any extra power from it. I hope this answers your question. --TrueKandra TK@ (talk) 15:07, May 25, 2010 (UTC)
This entire segment should probably be rewritten, since Alloy of Law pretty much fully explains the Compounding effect and how the Rashek used it to preserve his life span.  His illusion of immortality is a combination of compounding gold just like Miles did in Alloy of Law and compounding atium to grant an effective elixir of youth.  When charging his metalminds, Rashek allowed himself to become the decrepit old man Vin momentarily saw before her capture in the closing chapters of Mistborn in order to maximize his gains.  All he needed to do was store a bit of youth in an atium bead when he was younger, then swallow and burn it.  This gives him more youth than he stored already (10x as much?  Where does this number come from?)  Since he doesn't actually want to make himself that much younger, he shunts it directly into another atium bead.  Repeat the process and you get a cascading increase in the amount of stored youth.  Once he had enough to last him a while, he could store it in his atium arm bracers, then slowly draw on the massive stockpile in the bracers over the course of several hours (days? weeks?)  When he runs low on power in the bracers, he makes some more using the same compounding process as before.  Powerful as this is, it can't last forever (even without Vin assassinating him) - by the end of the first century of his rule, he'd start to have trouble storing any fresh youth, with his unedited age at fatal levels.  It's quite possible that, despite his best efforts, he's slowly been dying off since that time.
Point is, the segment, as it's written, has a couple of odd other theoriees about how a mistborn feruchemist might accomplish the same goals through other means.  With the revelation of compounding, it seems like these other therories become irrelevant.
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