A Soother is an Allomancer who can burn the External Mental Pushing Metal brass.

A Misting or Mistborn burning brass can Soothe (dampen) another person's emotions, like anxiety in a fight to make the person more willing to fight on. With a powerful Soothing it is even possible to extinguish all emotions, but that has to be done with the help of duralumin by a Mistborn.

A Soother can't read the person's mind. It needs a high skill to identify the person's current emotions, else the Soothing might be spotted. A skilled Soother can make the person feel exactly the way as they wish.

The Soother of old times were powerful enough to control koloss and kandra. In the current time there power is too weak for that. Only a Mistborn can take control of them with a powerful Soothing while burning duralumin at the same time.

The most famous Soother is Breeze.

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