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Reen was Vin's older half-brother, a skaa thief. He and Vin had the same skaa mother, but his father was not Tevidian, Vin's Obligator father.

Reen raised Vin after finding their youngest sister dead and their mother insane. Vin's mother had pierced Vin's ear with a bronze earring and was calling her a queen. He took Vin and fled.

Vin and Reen avoided attention by living in the skaa underworld, rarely spending more than a year in one place. They traveled the waterways with the skaa canal crews and lived with thieving crews. Reen beat Vin if she wasn't quiet and unobtrusive, or if she did anything to jeopardize their survival. He taught her to be suspicious, even paranoid, and to do whatever was necessary to survive. Because of this treatment, she became emotionally frail and had an astoundingly low sense of self-worth.[1]

Reen told Vin repeatedly that no one could be trusted and that everyone would leave and betray you if given the chance, even telling her that one day he would leave her. He made good on his word, disappearing when Vin was around sixteen years old, leaving her with Camon and his crew. Her wages were docked and she was beaten frequently because of her brother's debt.

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Reen's behavior towards Vin was brutal. However, because of it Vin learned many of the skills she needed to be a survivor. Only later did Vin learn the full truth about her brother, he had not left; he had been captured by a Steel Inquisitor. Reen died insisting Vin had starved to death years earlier; even as he was was subjected to lethal torture he never gave away the whereabouts or truth concerning Vin. Reen was not a good person, but he treated her as he did because he feared for their safety. His attempts to keep her hidden and unnoticed were a desperate effort to escape detection by the Steel Ministry, especially Inquisitors, or by anyone who may figure out she was half noble and turn them in.[2][3]

Vin finally realized Reen loved her.


Over the years Vin would hear Reen's voice in the back of her head, always suspicious, cynical, and distrustful. While trapped in the Lord Ruler's underground cache in Fadrex City, Ruin manifested as an image of Reen, attempting to manipulate Vin through her memories of her brother. Vin saw through the ruse, causing Ruin to mockingly reveal that the voice in her head, rather than being memories of her brothers advice, was often Ruin, attempting to manipulate her into serving it.