Paalm is a 3rd generation Kandra. She does not appear in the original Mistborn trilogy, but in Shadows of Self is said to have been a personal favorite of Lord Ruler who preferred working for him than spending time in the Kendra Homeland and was very fast at changing into different people, though not as fast as TenSoon. She originally shows equal devotion to Harmony, but eventually rebels and starts calling herself Bleeder.

Harmony had sent her to watch over Waxillium 'Wax' Ladrian in the Roughs as a woman named Lessie. Lessie and Waxillium fell in love, and Paalm no longer wanted Wax to return to Elendel because she knew how much Waxillium loved his life in the Roughs and refused to obey Harmony. But Harmony's plan required Wax to return, so he took control of 'Lessie' and caused Wax to believe he had killed her. She rebels and removes one of her spikes so she can no longer be controlled by Harmony. With Trell's help she also learns how to use Hemalurgy and give herself powers. She tries to attack Harmony by causing social unrest in Elendel, but Waxillium is able to stop her, not realizing that she is 'Lessie'. He puts another spike in Paalm to allow Harmony to control her once again. Paalm refuses to accept being under Harmony's control again and kills herself, after revealing to Wax that she was 'Lessie' all along and how much Harmony has been manipulating Wax.

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