Mistborn: Secret History


Brandon Sanderson

Cover Artist

Miranda Meeks[1]


Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC

Publication Date

January 26, 2016



Preceded by:

The Bands of Mourning

Succeeded by:

The Lost Metal

Mistborn: Secret History is the seventh book in the Mistborn series.[1]

From the Preface, it is described by the author as follows ...

This story contains enormous spoilers for the first three Mistborn novels. Seriously, please don’t read this unless you’ve read those books. I’d actually prefer you wait until you’ve finished book six, The Bands of Mourning, because some of the reveals in this story will spoil that book as well.

What follows is something I started planning in 2004, over a decade ago at this point. For years I wasn’t certain if I’d be able to write it; it depended on how popular Mistborn was, and on whether people cared about the greater cosmere or not. Well, responses to both have been incredible. So, off and on over the years I worked on scenes for this when I had a spare moment. Though I love how it turned out, I want to warn you. Structurally, this isn’t like most pieces I’ve written. It relies on knowledge of the original Mistborn Trilogy, and though it tells its own cohesive narrative, the elements of that narrative are scattered across three years’ time in-world. That creates something unlike anything I’ve done before. Something weird, but audacious in its own right. Now, it’s finally time to reveal some secrets.

–Brandon Sanderson

There's always another secret.[2]


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