MeLaan is a kandra of the Seventh Generation. She wears a willowy True Body of wood; like many of her generation, its form is unnatural and exaggerated. She was raised by TenSoon,[1] an honor rarely granted to the Third Generation[2] – and is his strongest supporter. She idolizes him, in a combination of hero worship and crush.[3]

MeLaan attends TenSoon's judgement trial.[4] After he is publicly imprisoned, she approaches him and offers to help him escape. She also offers to retrieve the Blessing of Potency he took from OreSeur.[5] She believes his claim that Vin is the Lord Ruler's heir, and that the kandra's First Contract is with her now. She takes the changes in the outside world – mists that remain during the day and constant ashfall – as signs and proof.

When TenSoon refuses to rebel against the First and Second Generations, she accuses him of abandoning them. She is present at his sentencing, when he escapes. She is in the Trustwarren- the Lord Ruler's atium cache- when the First Generation call for the Resolution.[6]

After the Origin[edit | edit source]

More than three hundred years after the Origin, Wax Ladrian meets MeLaan on a train during his initial journey to the Roughs.[7] She is wearing a human female body, and teaches Wax about "the Path" – the religion of Harmony – giving him his earring. Wax believes she must have been a "Faceless Immortal", one of the hands of Harmony.[8]

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