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Luthadel is the capital city in the Final Empire and located in the middle of the Central Dominance. Luthadel is originally home to the castle belonging to the Lord Ruler, as he resides in the fortress known as Kredik Shaw. An interesting note is that Luthadel was originally the Terris Mountains, as the Lord Ruler changed the geography of the land when he reached the Well of Ascension, which is hidden beneath his castle.

After Kelsier's death and Collapse of the empire, Elend Venture becomes king, residing in his father's residence, Keep Venture. During this time, three seperate armies attack the city. One is ruled by Ashweather Cett, one by Elend's father, Straff Venture, and one an army of koloss, run by Jastes Lekal. After Elend is ousted from the throne by the Assembly, Lord Ferson Penrod becomes king. However, the koloss army is defeated and Vin intimidates the two other armies into submission. Elend becomes emperor.

After Vin releases Ruin from the Well of Ascension, Elend leaves the city in the control of Ferson Penrod. A year later, Marsh, a Steel Inquisitor attacked Penrod whilst controlled by Ruin. He plants a Hemalurgic spike into Penrod's heart and flees. Penrod, from then on under the influence of Ruin, begins to go mad and make the skaa population fight each other for food. Riots ensue in the city and surrounding areas until Wellen and Rittle lead a mass exodus to the Pits of Hathsin.

When Vin returned to the city and achieved godhood, she destroyed Kredik Shaw in a burst of Allomantic power.

After Sazed's ascension to godhood, this city no longer exists.