Lord Ashweather Cett is a noble from the Western Dominance.

After the fall of the Final Empire, Cett took control of the Western Dominance, with his capital at Fadrex City. He marched an army to Luthadel in book 2, and then was a forced ally, and a general in Elend's army during book 3. He is known to be very blunt and rude, and also very coarse. His city is taken over by his lieutenant while he invades Luthadel. He had two known children, Allriane and Gneorndin.

Book 2: The Well of Ascension[edit | edit source]

During the second book Cett sends an army to capture Luthadel and become the king of the Final Empire.

He also sent all of his Allomancers to assassinate Vin, whom in turn killed all of them. He wanted to take all of the Lord Ruler's Atium and purchase his own Allomancers.

Book 3: The Hero of Ages[edit | edit source]

During this book Cett urges Elend and Vin to help recapture his city.

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