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Lerasium is a metallic form of the god-like entity Preservation,

and is considered one of the two God metals, the other being Atium.


All known samples of Lerasium were created by Rashek when he took the energies in the Well of Ascension (another manifestation of Preservation) and condensed some of its energies into a solid form. The last existing bead of Lerasium was ingested by Elend Venture roughly one thousand years after Rashek made this metal.


People who ingest this metal gain access to all forms of Allomancy and become mistborn. It is also possible to alloy Lerasium with one of the sixteen basic Allomantic metals. People who ingest this mixture end up becoming a misting associated with the basic metal used in the alloy. Allomancy is hereditary, and later generations will also be capable of this ability, although the powers will eventually become diluted.

When Vin absorbed the mists, she gained an apparently unlimited supply of metals and used duralumin multiple times without running out, presumably because the Lerasium replenished her metals.

Due to the rare nature of this metal, any Feruchemical or Hemalurgic applications are unknown.