Kredik Shaw is the palace of the Lord Ruler. It is described in the books as being many ominious towers with large spires of metal on the tops of the towers. Kredik Shaw means "Hill of a Thousand Spires" in Terris. It is revealed in the second book that it is a capstone to the Well of Ascension, the mythical place that holds some of Preservation's power. Kredik Shaw is destroyed by Vin in the third book.

In the first book, Kelsier believes that Kredik Shaw contains a large deposit of Atium, which he claims is his main goal to get into the palace. He later admits that he wants to attempt to kill the Lord Ruler as well, should he get the chance and destroy his rule. Vin follows Kelsier towards Kredik Shaw when he goes to scout it out for the atium deposit. Despite his arguments for her to stay behind, she stays stubborn and eventually, he lets her follow him. This is where we first get a hint of the Inquisitors' abilty to detect beyond Copperclouds, when they detect Vin and Kelsier despite both of them burning Copper. Vin makes it back to Clubs' shop with a possible fatal injury, however manages to survive with the help of Pewter.

In the second book the palace is deserted, nobody living there. The floors are covered with dust. The central room in which the Lord Ruler used to fill his feruchemical bracelets bares the marks of the searching for atium.  No atium is found anywhere though.   

its a city forgotten by time
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