The Homeland:The kandra Homeland was a cave complex near the Pits of Hathsin. Partly underground, this was the place where most kandra lived-unless, of course, if they were out serving Contracts. Here, the main authority are the Second Generation, who took up the ruling of the kandra people when the First Generation "retired".

The First Contract: The First Contract was the highest form of law to the kandra people. Afraid of governing themselves, the kandra wrote up a set of promises and took it to the Lord Ruler, asking his approval. This was the first thing a kandra learned when he/she awakened from their previous life as a mistwraith. When the kandra designed their own Contracts with humans, they used the First Contract as a guide.

The Trust: The Lord Ruler created the kandra to be spies- but for something else as well. This was what they called the Trust. They were to collect and hoard all the atium they could find, to hide it from Ruin when he escaped and began searching for his body. This was the reason kandra Contracts were paid in atium. All the atium they collected were stored underground, near large metal deposits, in a room completely plated in metal, under a metal platform called the Trustwarren.

The Resolution: All kandra were charged from birth with a vow that if, one day, if Ruin managed to take control of even a single kandra, they would have to pull their Blessings free. This would effectively kill them, or return them to being a mistwraith.

The Generations: All kandra are created through the process of Hemalurgy- they recieve two small spikes in their shoulder, thus awakening them from their life as a mistwraith. These two Hemallurgic spikes are called Blessings. There is the Blessing of Potency(most common), the Blessing of Presence, the Blessing of Awareness, and the Blessing of Stability(least used). Every hundred years, the Lord Ruler would provide the kandra people with the correct number of spikes for them to use. The first ten kandra, the First Generation, were the ten Feruchemists that were the Lord Ruler's friends. After that, the Firsts created the Second Generation, then gave up the raising of of new kandra to the Seconds.

'Notable Kandra' and Masters: OreSeur, Kelsier/Vin; Tensoon, Straff Venture/Zane

Other Kandra: MeLann(Seventh Generation), Fhorkood(Fifth Generation), TarKavv, KanPaar(Second Generation), HunFoor(Second Generation), Haddek(First Generation)

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