KanPaar is a kandra of the Second Generation. He wears a True Body of red crystal.

KanPaar conducts the judgment against TenSoon. Though he intends to place TenSoon on the offensive, the younger kandra challenges him. When TenSoon points out that KanPaar himself negotiated his contract with Straff Venture, KanPaar dismisses it as insignificant. When the First Generation kandra do not offer TenSoon clemency, KanPaar announces that sentencing will occur in one month.

Before TenSoon is taken to his final sentencing, he is given the wolfhound bones received from Vin; KanPaar and the other Second Generation falsely believe it will shame him. KanPaar again officiates, and announces TenSoon's sentence, ChanGaar.

TenSoon uses the increased speed and power of his wolfhound body to flee. To confuse pursuit, he charges KanPaar, breaking his elder's crystal True Body, before leaping crowds and escaping. [1]


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