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Lord Janarle is one of Straff Venture’s generals during the Siege of Luthadel. While Straff is unconscious from drug withdrawal, Janarle takes command of the army.

After Straff withdraws from the siege and then returns to wait while the koloss attack Luthadel, Janarle brings him the news that approximately a third of the koloss army has died, leaving them vulnerable to an attack by the Venture forces. When Straff decides to allow the koloss to have the city, slaughtering all the inhabitants and destroying the city, Janarle is shocked by his decision. Though he does not challenge Straff, he appears disgusted by his commander’s callousness.

When Vin attacks the army, Janarle is the only officer left alive. He swears fealty to Elend Venture in absentia, as the rightful heir of House Venture.