Hoid is a character who appears in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series.


Hoid is a skaa informant who seeks to sell information to anyone who would pay him for it. He is a deceitful man, and he would often use false ailments as a way to make himself seem more pitiable than other skaa.


"The Final Empire"Edit

Hoid was first seen by Kelsier while imitating a Mistborn nobleman. He pretended to be a man from one of the Great Houses of Luthadel and continually questioned him about any rumors pertaining to him, House Hasting or Lord Renoux. Hoid clearly made up a few of his "tidbits" and acted like a weak man before Kelsier. Hoid gave Kelsier the first clue that Shan Elariel was an Allomancer, but could not confirm it.

That same night, Kelsier imitated Hoid when meeting with Straff Venture in order to learn whether or not the upper crust of society had grown suspicious of Renoux. He used Hoid's tactics of making himself seem weak in talking to Straff.

"Hero of Ages"Edit

After the Collapse, Hoid moved around the Central Dominance before deciding to move to Fadrex City, as society there was nearly identical to that of the pre-Collapse. He apparently had dealings with Ashweather Cett before he fled Fadrex to conquer Luthadel. Vin did not visit him out of an instinctual fear of a trap.


"Shadows of Self"Edit

Hoid makes a brief, cameo appearance in this book as one of Waxillium Ladrian's coach drivers. Wayne asks him if he could ride with Hoid in the saddle, and Hoid allows it.

"The Bands of Mourning"

Hoid makes a brief cameo in this book also as a beggar in the bushes at Kelesina Shores' party who asks Wax for some money and tosses him back a coin as his change before being chased off.


  • Hoid is a name Brandon Sanderson uses frequently throughout his novels, normally given to characters who seem mysterious. He is a "world-hopper" amongst novels part of Sanderson's Cosmere.
  • Hoid's appearance in "Shadows of Self" is an allusion to his appearance in "Words of Radiance", in where he appeared once while pretending to be a coachman.
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