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The Hero of Ages is the prophesied hero of the Terris people. It was foretold that they would come, take the power at the Well of Ascension, then be selfless enough to give it up in order to save the world from the Deepness. Alendi was thought to be the Hero of Ages, but was killed before he could complete his quest. Vin followed in his footsteps and got further, taking the power then giving it up. The prophecies, however, proved to be falsified - a ruse intended to allow a force named Ruin to escape imprisonment. Ruin had used his powers to change them.

The True Hero of Ages[]

Although, throughout most of the Mistborn Trilogy, Vin is thought to be the Hero of Ages, it is revealed that it is the Terris Keeper Sazed. At the revelation of this, much of the prophesied descriptions of the Hero of Ages become clear, as many did not meet Vin's character. Below is a list of statements about the hero, and how they fit Sazed.

  1. The prophecies used gender-neutral terms: Not to suggest they were male or female as originally thought, but to imply that they were neither, as Sazed was castrated in his youth.
  2. "The Hero would be rejected by their people. Yet, they would save them.": Sazed was rejected by the Terris people after he decided to stand up to the Lord Ruler and fight alongside Kelsier's crew.
  3. "Not a warrior, though they would fight": Throughout much of the Mistborn series, Sazed is referred to as a scholar. However, many times throughout he is called to fight in battle.
  4. "Not born a king, but would become one anyway": This could refer to either Sazed being third in line to Emperor Venture's throne, or the fact that he becomes God. It may also refer to his becoming the one whom the Terris people follow.
  5. "The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms": This refers to Sazed's knowledge of pre-Ascension religions and general history (something every Keeper has in addition to type of knowledge they specialize in) through his Feruchemy, as he carries his copperminds on his arms. He uses this knowledge of history and religion to help reshape the world as God.
  6. The hero will have the power to save the world, but also to destroy it: Sazed takes on the Powers of Ruin and Preservation.