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Hemalurgy Chart abilities description Mistborn

Hemalurgy and the Hemalurgic Spikes of a Steel Inquisitor/Hemalurgists.

Steel Inquisitor fanart by spiky-ironeyes weareinquisitor

Steel Inquisitor fanart[1], with Hemalurgic Spikes.

Mistborn Steel Inquisitor by Inkthinker

A fanart of a Steel Inquisitor by Inkthinker at Deviantart.com. Notice the Hemalurgic spikes in the eyes and torso.

Hemalurgy is the third magic system in the Mistborn Series. To use Hemalurgy, a metal spike must be driven through someone's heart. Then the spike is taken and stabbed into the body of another person, the location of which determines the power transferred. The preferred method is to stab it directly through the heart into the other person, as the longer it is left out of the body the more power is lost. While Allomancy is the art of Preservation and Feruchemy is the art of balance, Hemalurgy is the art of Ruin, as the transfer of power destroys some of it. Allomancy creates power, and Feruchemy does not destroy or create, but preserves. Having a hemalurgic enhancement makes one susceptible to a shard's influence [2] or even to their control [3]. This, along with the fact that kandra and koloss, both of which are hemalurgically enhanced, can be controlled by investiture being poured in to the damaged spirit web, leads to the further speculation that hemalurgic enhancement of any kind makes one susceptible to being controlled by an outside force.

Hemalurgic Metals[]

Hemalurgic Metals are crucial components in the dark and intricate art of Hemalurgy. Each metal possesses unique properties that, when used in the Hemalurgic process, grant the recipient specific powers and attributes. These metals play a pivotal role in the manipulation of Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities.


Iron is a fundamental Hemalurgic metal known for its ability to steal human strength. When incorporated into the Hemalurgic process, it empowers the recipient with enhanced physical might by siphoning the strength of others. This effect becomes especially pronounced in the presence of Steel Inquisitors, who can forcefully pull metals from within individuals' bodies, indicating that the power to pull metals is also amplified through Hemalurgic augmentation.


Recognized for its capacity to steal Allomantic physical powers, Steel stands as a potent Hemalurgic metal. When introduced into the Hemalurgic process, it provides the recipient with the ability to push with heightened force, amplifying their Allomantic abilities. This mirrors the capabilities of Steel Inquisitors, who can push metals within others, suggesting that Hemalurgic enhancement similarly intensifies pushing prowess.


Tin is a Hemalurgic metal with the power to steal human senses. Through Hemalurgic augmentation, the recipient gains the ability to enhance their sensory perceptions by drawing sensory capabilities from others. This augmentation results in a significant increase in the recipient's sensory awareness, affording them a heightened understanding of their surroundings.


As a Hemalurgic metal, Pewter is known for its capacity to steal Feruchemical physical powers. When utilized in Hemalurgy, it empowers the recipient with immense physical strength while accessing Feruchemical reserves. This synergy creates remarkable physical capabilities, particularly evident when a Pewterarm burns pewter, showcasing extraordinary strength.


Brass, a Hemalurgic metal, is distinguished for its ability to steal Feruchemical cognitive attributes. When integrated into the Hemalurgic process, it grants the recipient the power to manipulate and control emotions more effectively. This augmentation empowers Soothers, enabling them to soothe individuals' emotions at more significant rates, granting heightened control over emotional states.


Zinc is a Hemalurgic metal that targets human emotional fortitude. Through Hemalurgic enhancement, the recipient's capability to influence and intensify emotions is amplified. This heightened ability proves valuable for Rioters, who can manipulate emotions with greater potency, providing increased control over the emotional states of others.


Playing a pivotal role in Hemalurgy, Copper has the unique power to steal human mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence. Hemalurgic incorporation of Copper enhances the recipient's mental strength and memory capacity. This augmentation provides protection against Seekers' attempts to pierce one's Coppercloud, while also expanding the range of influence a Smoker can exert over their Coppercloud.


Bronze, a crucial Hemalurgic metal, is known for its ability to steal Allomantic mental powers. When integrated into the Hemalurgic process, it empowers the recipient to enhance their Allomantic abilities related to sensing. This augmentation grants Seekers the ability to pierce Copperclouds with greater precision, showcasing the potential for increased sensory prowess.


Unlike other Hemalurgic metals, Aluminum has the unique property of completely removing all powers when used in Hemalurgy. Its introduction into the recipient's body results in a nullification of any invested abilities, rendering the individual powerless in both Allomancy and Feruchemy.


Duralumin is a rare and potent Hemalurgic metal that enables the stealing of Connection/Identity. When utilized in Hemalurgy, it grants the recipient the ability to manipulate the spiritual and cognitive aspects of others, offering a heightened level of control over a person's essence.


Atium is an extraordinary Hemalurgic metal that possesses the power to steal all Allomantic and Feruchemical powers. When introduced into the Hemalurgic process, it bestows the recipient with access to a broad spectrum of abilities, making them exceptionally formidable. This metal's potency is unparalleled, allowing the wielder to harness a multitude of powers extracted from other individuals.


The properties and effects of Malatium remain shrouded in mystery within the context of Hemalurgy. Its role and impact in the Hemalurgic process are subjects of speculation, awaiting further exploration.


Gold serves as a critical Hemalurgic metal with the capability to steal Feruchemical hybrid powers. When incorporated into the Hemalurgic process, it provides the recipient with the ability to tap into Feruchemical abilities related to Gold, enhancing their physical and cognitive attributes.


Possessing the power to steal Allomantic Enhancement powers, Electrum is a significant Hemalurgic metal. Its introduction into the Hemalurgic process enables the recipient to augment Allomantic abilities focused on enhancing perception and foresight. This Hemalurgic attribute empowers the recipient with heightened control over their Allomantic powers in this domain.

Hemalurgy + Allomancy[]

The synergy between Hemalurgy and Allomancy leads to fascinating combinations of these two magic systems. When an Allomancer undergoes Hemalurgic enhancement to augment a specific aspect of themselves, the resulting enhancements can grant them new powers, assuming they already possess the corresponding Allomantic power.


Following Hemalurgic augmentation, an Allomancer's pulling strength is greatly intensified. This is especially relevant due to the ability of Steel Inquisitors to pull upon metals inside people's bodies, indicating that this enhanced power is also granted.


Hemalurgic enhancement empowers an Allomancer to push with much greater force. This mirrors the capabilities of Steel Inquisitors, who can forcefully push metals within people's bodies, suggesting that Hemalurgic augmentation similarly intensifies pushing prowess.


The effects of Hemalurgy on Bronze provide a Seeker with the capability to pierce Copperclouds more effectively. This heightened ability improves their skill in detecting hidden Allomantic abilities within individuals.


For Smokers, Hemalurgic augmentation results in the ability to prevent their Coppercloud from being pierced more efficiently and extends its protective influence over a wider range. This enhancement enhances their control over their own Allomantic abilities.


Hemalurgic enhancement allows a Soother to manipulate people's emotions at more drastic rates, providing them with an increased level of emotional influence and control over others.


With Hemalurgic augmentation, a Rioter gains the ability to manipulate and intensify emotions in others to a greater extent. This heightened power enables them to exert a more pronounced influence over people's emotional states.


Following Hemalurgic augmentation, a Tineye gains the ability to further enhance their sensory perceptions to even greater levels. This expanded sensory awareness provides them with an even sharper understanding of their surroundings.


Hemalurgic augmentation enhances the strength of a Pewterarm when burning pewter, resulting in an even more formidable boost in physical strength. This heightened strength proves advantageous in various physical endeavors and challenges.

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Hemalurgically Enhanced Constructs/Characters[]

  • Steel Inquisitors (many spikes in various places in their bodies)
  • Marsh - He became a Steel Inquisitor at the end of book one and provided the crew with more in-depth knowledge of the nature of the Inquisitors.
  • kandra (a pair of spikes called the kandra blessings)
  • koloss (four spikes positioned in various places in their body)
  • Vin (earring that her mother gave to her)
  • Zane (spike through the middle of his chest that allowed the Shard Ruin to speak to him and likely granted him increased precision with steel)
  • Spook (tip of sword left on his shoulder during a fight allow him to be able to burn pewter
  1. Fanart by spiky-ironeyes, at https://weareinquisitor.tumblr.com/post/187826568052/ironeyesdeath-this-was-done-almost-entirely-for
  2. e.g. Zane, to whom Ruin could directly communicate; and Vin, who occasionally heard Ruin's voice in her head, though she mistook it for memories of her brother, Reen
  3. e.g. Steel Inquisitors in books two and three