Hazekillers are Noble hired guards, specifically trained in combat with Mistings and Mistborn. They wear a loose fitting gray robe, wield a dueling cane and a wooden shield. Hazekillers don't have any metal on their person to put allomancers at a disadvantage.

Mistborn (Book 1)Edit

On page 98 of Mistborn: The Final Empire, Hazekillers appear in Keep Venture as Kelsier breaks in to locate a cache of Atium hidden in a safe. Kelsier pulls the safe out of the wall and manages to throw it out a window before coming face-to-face with eight Hazekillers. The Hazekillers hit Kelsier a good deal of times, but due to Kelsier burning Pewter, the concussing thumps of their dueling canes doesn't do enough to bring the Mistborn down. By the end of the conflict with the Hazekillers, seven of them have been defeated and the final Hazekiller runs away.

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