13-wojak 00.w710.h473.2x.jpg Hammond, also referred to as "Ham", is a Misting, a half-skaa Pewterarm (or "Thug"). He was a member of Kelsier's crew.

Like most Pewterarms, Ham is a well-muscled man; he resembles a soldier, even wearing close-cropped hair in their typical style. His preferred attire is a sleeveless vest, though he adds a light shirt in the coldest part of winter.

Though Ham conforms to the physical standard of a Thug, his personality does not. He is a kind and humble man, a thinker who loves to spend his time involved in deeply philosophical debates. His favorite opponent is Breeze, who he complements.[1]

Ham has a wife and children, who he keeps hidden in a town outside of Luthadel and rarely visits. When a half-skaa Misting is taken by the Canton of Inquisition their entire family is hunted down and killed. As an additional safeguard, Ham doesn't tell anyone which town his family lives in. Once the empire is defeated, his family comes to live with him at the new palace, the former Keep Venture.

Ham is atypical in other ways. Most Pewterarms use as much pewter as they can as often as possible, but not Ham. He teaches Vin to use her pewter judiciously, saving it to use when she can gain the most from it. That way, her enemy won't discover the limits of her strength and speed until it is too late.

During the preparation for the defeat of the Final Empire, Ham takes a turn training the skaa army. After the fall of the empire, he serves as Captain of the Guard for Elend Venture, on the condition that he doesn't have to wear a uniform.

When it is discovered that a second kandra has infiltrated the palace and killed an unknown individual there, Ham is one of Vin's suspects until she surprises him into burning pewter.


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