Goradel is a skaa from Luthadel. He was in the Lord Ruler's army, as a guard at Kredik Shaw. His family worked on the farms outside the city. He is amiable.

Goradel grew up among the skaa who worked the outlying farms. He hated farming, working to grow food that his family and the other skaa would never be able to eat. That is why he chose to join the army, even though most skaa detested soldiers as traitors.

When Vin went to Kredik Shaw after Kelsier's death to kill the Lord Ruler, she gave the soldiers on guard there a chance to abandon their post rather than fight her. Goradel ripped the imperial insignia from his uniform, and joined the skaa rebellion.

When Elend Venture found Dockson at the secret warehouse where Kelsier had stockpiled arms and allomantic metals, Goradel was present. He offered to lead Elend and his guards to rescue Vin. Since his fellow guards at the palace didn't know he had joined the rebellion, he was able to talk his way into the palace.

Goradel is later made a captain in Elend's army. He leads the forces accompanying Sazed and Breeze on their trips to Lekal City and Fadrex City.

Goradel later accompanies Spook as he goes to Urteau city, and after helping Spook liberate it was sent to send a dire message to Vin and Elend based on a revelation Spook thought of while bedridden. 

Goradel riding hard and determined then encounters Marsh, and while he put up a fight and even attacked Marsh once, the Inquisitor quickly dispatched of him and butchered him to an almost unidentifiable slop. Marsh then reads out the message etched out in steel as it failed to be brought to Vin and Elend.

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