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The Final Empire is the part of Scadrial in which the series takes place. It is ruled by the Lord Ruler and was created when he took Preservation's power at the Well of Ascension. The name came from the Lord Ruler's certainty that since he was immortal, it would be the last empire the world would ever know.

Locations in the Final Empire[]

  • Luthadel
  • Urteau
  • Fadrex City
  • Vetitan
  • Statlin (Satren) City
  • Haverfax
  • Fellise
  • Caves near Holstep
  • Holstep
  • Valtroux
  • Lekal City
  • BasMardin
  • The Pits of Hathsin
  • The Kandra Homeland
  • The Terris Mountains
  • Central Dominance|Central Dominance (Region)
  • Eastern Dominance|Eastern Dominance (Region)
  • Western Dominance|Western Dominance (Region)
  • Northern Dominance|Northern Dominance (Region)
  • Southern Dominance|Southern Dominance (Region)
  • Crescent Dominance (Region)
  • Remote Dominance (Region)
  • The Southern Islands (Region)
  • Farmost Dominance (Region)