Fadrex City is a location first mentioned in "Well of Ascension", and later seen in "Hero of Ages". It is located in the Western Dominance.


This city was considered an urban environment very similar to that of Luthadel, though it is noted that most noblemen and noblewomen in the city were rather crass compared to those in Luthadel, who display an air of propriety.


Although not the capital of the Western Dominance, it held such an economic advantage over the other cities (not to mention its capability of defense) that Ashweather Cett chose to make it his capital in his conquest for power. Located on a high plateau that the River Channerel runs through, Cett was able to make supplies via the Haverfax canal come to him when he took control of the city and began to conquer surrounding villages in the Western Dominance.

"Well of Ascension"Edit

Although it does not appear in this book, it is said both by Breeze and by Cett that an obligator had become the main political power in the city. Following his humiliating retreat from Luthadel, Cett remarked that they could not go back, or else they would be executed.

"Hero of Ages"Edit

Fadrex City is a main location in this book. It is first mentioned by Elend Venture while in the storage cavern of Vetitan after Vin pointed out the location of the final storage cavern being beneath Cett's home city. Elend decides to march for the city with most of his army, using the River Channerel to get his troops there. After their arrival, Vin is sent into the city to find Cett's informants. She discovers that King Yomen had been hosting and attending balls for the nobility and that most of the city is still preached to by the obligators about the Lord Ruler.

Vin is told to poison a few of the water wells in Fadrex City and leave notes about the poison during Elend's siege of the city.

After Vin escapes Yomen's prison, she tells Elend to enter the city, as Yomen would let their troops in to flee the koloss. An earthquake destroyed many of the buildings and natural formations in and out of the city, and the ash made the landscape unrecognizable. Elend leaves the city when the koloss and the mists left the Western Dominance. It is assumed that the city had burned while Yomen, Cett, Ham and as many people as possible sheltered in the storage cavern.

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