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Edwarn Ladrian
Placeholder person.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Alias Mr. Suit
Abilities Hemalurgist

Leecher Coinshot

Family Ladrian
Status Deceased
Appearances The Alloy of Law

Shadows of Self The Bands of Mourning

Edward Ladrian, known as "Mr. Suit" to Miles Dagouter and the Vanishers, was the previous head of House Ladrian and uncle to Waxillium Ladrian. He was believed to have died in a carriage accident,[1] along with Wax's aunt and sister. He was a high-ranking member of The Set.


Edwarn Ladrian may be a believer in Trell: he tells Wax that, "[Miles] sounded like me,"[2] implying that he and Miles shared beliefs.


The Alloy of Law[]

Wax returned to Elendel to assume the house seat after his uncle's reported death,[3] his uncle's original heir having died shortly before him.[2] Upon his death, Edwarn changed his personal style and shaved his beard to obscure his identity; his success was aided by his seclusion for a decade before his feigned death.[2] House Ladrian was nearly destitute, apparently due to mismanagement;[3] only upon confronting his uncle does Wax learn the family finances had actually been siphoned off in preparation for Edwarn's new life.[2]

Mr. Suit, along with Miles, is the brains behind the Vanishers. He is the Vanishers's liaison to the Set, arranging for financing and resources and selecting their targets. Edwarn also provides them with the names and descriptions of the women to be kidnapped.

Wax confronts his uncle after Miles and the remaining member of the Vanishers are captured. Edwarn states that he planned on having Miles take the blame so he could disappear. After Wax reveals what he had guessed of their plans, Edwarn tells Wax more about the Set's plans, including their insurance fraud.


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