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Dockson was Kelsier's best friend, second in command of Kelsier's crew, and administrator to Elend's kingdom. Even though he was not an Allomancer himself, he played his part in overthrowing the Lord Ruler by managing the crew, both financially and operationally. Dockson once shared Kelsier's hatred for the Nobility; showing a change of heart before perishing at Koloss hands during the Siege of Luthadel.


Dockson sports a short half beard and close-cropped straight, black hair. He has a squarish face. Dockson prefers to wear noblemen's suits and always looks trim. Vin describes him as being stocky without being fat.

Sazed thinks that Dox is the one in Kelsier's crew who looks most like a nobleman, more natural in a suit than even Breeze.


Dockson was a plantation-skaa. He lived on a plantation of Lord Devinshae. The evening after his girlfriend Kareien had been raped and killed by Lord Devinshae, he left the plantation.


Vin characterizes Dockson as a temperate person, a kind man, very stable, sturdy, calm and very clever, and Sazed believes that he is more articulate than Clubs.

Dockson had been Kelsier's right-hand man, and the more "realistic" of the pair. And yet, there had always been an edge of humor to Dockson---a sense that he enjoyed his role as the straight man. He hadn't foiled Kelsier so much as complemented him.

Dockson has strong organizational and administrative skills and keeps the crew operational. He is the most practical one in the crew. Sazed thinks of him as an organizational genius and a master of quick planning.

When something needed to be purchased [...] Dockson saw that it got done. When a building needed to be rented, supplies procured, or a permit secured, Dockson made it happen. [...] Without him, however, Vin suspected that the entire crew would fall apart.

In short, he did what he always did: He made Kelsier's dreams become reality.

With Kelsier's death Dockson changes. He does the same things as before and still plays the role of the responsible one in the crew, but the mirth is gone.

He doesn't get along with Elend because he thinks that Kelsier would be angry with him for letting Elend rule. He avoids Elend if possible and always chooses the seat farthest to him. He doesn't want to accept that Elend bears no guilt for what the nobility did to his people because then he must admit to being a monster for the things he did to them. Even though he doesn't like him, Dox still helps Elend as well as he can with his kingdom.




In the German version of Mistborn Dockson is named as Docksohn, probably because son means Sohn in German.