The Church of the Survivor is the religion most of the skaa practiced after the fall of the Lord Ruler. They worship Kelsier, otherwise known as the Survivor of Hathsin, as a god. Vin is worshipped as the Heir of the Survivor, and Sazed as the Holy First Witness.

The official symbol of the church is a silver spear, referencing the one that killed Kelsier, and the one that killed the Lord Ruler. The official flag of the Final Empire following the reunification of the Central Dominance involved the spear and a scroll; the spear signifying the skaa having as much power in this government for their religion.

Many members of the church say they saw Kelsier return from the dead. This was really the kandra OreSeur, and later TenSoon also appeared to people in Kelsier's body.

A few notable followers of the church are Captain Demoux, Lord Lestibournes and Quellion. Elend Venture joined the Church of the Survivor for a political edge with the skaa during the Siege of Luthadel, and he remained a member of the church despite setting himself up as the Lord Ruler's successor and not believing in the religion very much. Dockson, in his final moments before being slaughtered by the koloss admitted that he had begun to believe that Kelsier had been watching over him within the year after his death. Rittle, a guard for Ferson Penrod, was a devout member of the church, as was Fatren of Vetitlan. Slowswift had mentioned to Vin that he had studied the religion at one point before dismissing it as ridiculous on account of the world ending.

As noted by Sazed in Urteau, the Church of the Survivor would be one that praises every man that survives when odds are against him. He believed that whenever the people's faith got too low, a miracle would appear so that the religion could reinvent itself. Spook, hailed by the citizens of Urteau as the "Survivor of the Flames", was proof of this theory.

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