Camon is a small, but pivotal character in the foundation of the series. The petty leader of a rag tag thieving crew, he attracts the Ministry's attention during his most ambitious con. The success of his ventures grows when he acquires Vin, at the time an unknown allomancer. Camon notices this and starts taking her on more missions, calling her a "good luck charm". Whether or not he knew what Vin was is still questioned. It is likely he guessed that she was a Misting, though making the leap that she was a full blown Mistborn is highly unlikely, assuming Camon even knew the difference between a Misting and a Mistborn. Little does he know he was made on his grandest job; scamming the Ministry of Finance itself. It is here that Kelsier and Dockson intervene, saving Vin and Camon's crew's lives. However, after Kelsier spots the abuse Camon puts Vin through, he quickly disposes of the crew leader, leaving him as a beggar in Luthadel, a hard and often fatal profession. Later in the first book, after Camon's old safe house is struck and crew destroyed, it is discovered that Camon himself was executed. The matter of execution is also something of note. The former crew leader was hung from a hook, which was forced down his mouth to pierce the inside of his throat. Like a fish hook, hanging him from the mandibul. This harsh form of murder is reserved for people who misuse allomancy. This would indicate that some time before his death, Camon revealed some knowledge of what Vin was, thus deserving of the Hook.

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