Bronze is the internal mental pushing metal. Mistings who burn this are refered to as Seekers.

Bronze Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Allomancy[edit | edit source]

(See also, Seeker) When burning bronze, either Misting or Mistborn, the user can feel the uses of allomancy near them. The manner in which they feel the signals is often described as like a drum beat. A thumping that is less heard, but felt. The technical term for these thumpings is an allomantic pulse. The signals can tell you where the burner is, or the pulse origion, and can distingiush between metals. When burning bronze the pulses come in specific patterns depending on the metal being used. Pushing and pulling metals are distinguishable because the pulses of Pushing metals wash over the Seeker, while Pulling metals tug them towards the source ever so slightly. This is where some of the metals actually aquired their titles, such as Tin and Pewter. The Internal and External metals are seperated by their pulse length. Internal metals give off longer pulses than External metals. The different metal groups, physical, mental, enchantment and temporel have distinct pulse patterns, fluxuation in speed and tempo. Pinning down these three attributes can identify what metal the Misting or Mistborn is using. It is also stated that a powerful and skilled Seeker can identify when an allomancer is flaring metals, running low and what emotions a Soother or Rioter is trying to affect. Copper neutralizes the ability for a Seeker to track allomancy by hiding it in a copper cloud, but extremely powerful Seekers or Mistborn, from either a pure line of heredity, duralinum or a bronze hemalurgy spike may give the effected the ability to pierce said shields.

Metal Signature Pulses (TBA)[edit | edit source]

















Feruchemy[edit | edit source]

Bronze in feruchemy is used to store wakefulness, one of the harder attributes to store.

Hemalurgy[edit | edit source]

When bronze is used in hemalurgy it steals allomantic mental powers (bronze, copper, brass, zinc).

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