Alendi is the man who was thought to be the Hero of Ages before Rashek became the Lord Ruler. He was an assistant to a Worldbringer, Kwaan, when he was 'discovered' to be the Hero of Ages. He spent a decade conquering the known world, destroying and creating kingdoms. It is speculated that Alendi was a Seeker Misting, and that is why he could hear the Allomantic 'thumps', which led him to the Well of Ascension. He journeyed through the Terris Mountains, guided by a Terrisman named Rashek, the nephew of Kwaan. At this point, Kwaan, the original 'Holy Announcer' of the Hero of Ages, had renounced Alendi, and sought to prevent him from reaching the Well of Ascension. Consequently, the night before Alendi was to go into the cavern that housed the Well of Ascension, he was killed by Rashek as Kwaan had instructed Rashek to do. It is revealed at the end of the first book that Rashek, (and not Alendi) is the Lord Ruler.

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